Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Informix Cheat Sheet

Shared Memory stats
$ipcs -m
$onstat -g seg

To quickly get Informix version number:
$onstat -s

Use oninit with -s option before using the onmode -m
This will allow you to check log files and other config params before users can logon onstat -lRdt

Use onmode with -yuk option. This terminates user sessions, rolls back transaction and then goes offline allowing for a quicker startup
$onmode -yuk

The default page size with onspaces is 2K. You can use onmonitor or -k option to change the page size.
$onstat -bB
$oncheck -pr\grep -i 'page size'
$getconf PAGESIZE

# view the number of daemon servers and Flush page processes
$onstat -u
$ps -efgrep oninit

rollbacks, commits, cache, reads/writes etc.
$oncheck -cc
$oncheck -pc
$oncheck -pr

After going fully online, you can run the following to check VPs, Users and Sessions:
$onstat -g glo
$onstat -ug ses session_id

Importing/Exporting database:
Note qhen using dbimport Informix Engine will drop the database and create it new with the output of dbexport.

Other useful dbaccess SQL commands
info tables
info columns for table
info status for table
info access for table

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