Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creating an Informix Database Server

I used the following steps to recreate Informix Database server and the databases within it in linux/ubuntu. Since I had a dbexport, I could use dbimport with -D option to reimport the tables into the new database

Login as informix or root
1) Modifiy onconfig file
rootdbs, path to rootdbs, DBSERVERNAME, log files and paths to log files

2) Update environment variable to new server

3) Update sqlhosts file for the new server
If on linux, possibly the /etc/services file may need to change depending on sqlhosts file settings

4) create a path to the new rootdbs
$touch /path_to_rootdbs/rootdbs
$chmod 660 /path_to_rootdbs/rootdbs

5) Create any dbspace you may need if you wish to store databases outside of rootdbs
$onspaces -c -d dbspace -p path_to_dbname -o 0 -s sizeKB

6) if you don't already have a logon,
a) go thru the usual user, group creation and add the user to the appropriate groups with a profile so they can get to dbaccess
b) i don't create the database since I plan to use dbimport from another server

7)Navigate to where database.exp folder is
$dbimport -c newDB -d dbspace
If the appropriate .sql file is in the folder this should run and reimport all the tables

8)You should be able to use dbaccess to access the new db
$dbaccess newDB

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