Monday, August 17, 2009

Connecting Cognos 8.3 to Informix 11.5 on Linux via ODBC

Download the Informix ClientSDK from IBM's website

On the server side (ubuntu) make sure that a service is created with the IP/port/protocol in the file is specified under SQLHOSTS environment variable
Add the service to /etc/services specifying port/protocol
Start informix
from the logon specified in the ODBC connection. No startup error messages should be displayed
Adding the ubuntu logon to the informix group (created at install time) solves quite a few problems.

Installing on Windows Installation of the CSDK is straightforward :

Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file
The installer creates an entry IBM Informix Client-SDK 3.50 under 'All Programs'
From there, it is easy to access Setnet32 to create the ODBC connection

Run setnet32:

Select the Host Information tab and under
Server Information enter the connection parameters :
Database : database
Host name: Host IP
Server: INFORMIXSERVER that is set on the linux server

Protocolname: onsoctcp (or whatever protocol specified for the service in sqlhosts)
Service: port (service specified in /etc/services file or the port number)

Under the Host Information tab:
Current Host: Host IP
Username: ubuntu logon
Password Option: Specify if a password is required
Password: Enter the ubuntu userid password

On the server side:
Update the sqlhosts file with the service name
Edit /etc/services to include the service IP/protocol and port numbers

Test the connection and then Save the connection under a name such as informix115
You can now use the saved connection wherever an ODBC connection is allowed

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  1. Once again I appreciate the detail level information for Third Party Developer that means Cognos developer to be in sync with informix. Great attempt in the community to share.

    Tahnks and Bets Wishes