Thursday, August 27, 2009

Installing Informix 11.5 on Ubuntu

I recommend referencing the IBM Informix website which has a detailed description of the requirements and install process.

Get the pre-requisitie libraries on ubuntu. On a 32-bit server:
$sudo apt-get install libaio1
$sudo apt-get install bc
$sudo apt-get install pdksh

Create group and username
$more /etc/group grep 200
$more /etc/passwd grep 200
$sudo groupadd informix –g 200
$sudo useradd informix –m informix –d /home/informix –g informix –u 200
$sudo passwd informix
$su Informix

#give sudo access to Informix
$sudo adduser Informix admin
$sudo groups Informix
$ cd /home/Informix
$mkdir Informix_install
$cd informix_install

#download the Informix files
#and chown and chgrp to Informix
#untar the file
$sudo ./ids_install
default dir is /opt/IBM/informix
$sudo cp /opt/IBM/Informix/etc/sqlhosts /opt/IBM/Informix/etc/sqlhosts.server
edit sqlhosts.server to create
If you installed demo then use profile settings to set:

Informix provides a tool 'onmonitor' to manage dbspace

To create a 1GB dbspace 1,024,000KB

Use dbaccess to create a database

To access the database other than a username 'informix'
Add the username to the Informix group
Be careful to make sure the other groups the username belongs to are retained
Add the Informix bin (/opt/IBM/informix/bin) to the $PATH

Setup a profilesettings file that gets automatically executed or add to the startup shell script file such as .bashrc

Use the tool to create the database

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